Since my Road Block post concerning my weight last week, I’ve entered into what I’m calling hardcore mode. I’ve been drinking the heck out of water, trimming my Coke intake to one bottle a day. At the same time, I have shaved back my calorie intake. Whereas MyFitnessPal strongly suggests I eat at least 2290 calories a day, I decided 1500 would help me get passed this hump I feel stuck at. I’m trying my best to stick to a plan that has me eating only between 12-8 each afternoon/evening, while fasting in the time between each day until the next 8 hours. Finally, I’ve been sweating and walking my butt off. It’s hot around here, and I’ve been walking and trying to stay active every day – even when I don’t feel like it.

Today I stepped on the scale to a 6 pound loss. I not only lost the weight I gained during our trip to Gatlinburg a couple weekends ago, but I also broke through the road block of 350 to reach a new loss of 347.4 pounds. Of course, if I can’t maintain the loss and continue to lose more, it isn’t much of a victory, but I’ll take what works right now!


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