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In case you haven’t noticed, I’d like to point out that if you go to the website to shop, they sell items directly from other vendors. Similar to Amazon, I suppose, except they don’t back your purchases through these other vendors. For example, the one time I had a problem with a merchant through Amazon, Amazon refunded my money and allowed me to mail the item back to them. Walmart tells you it’s out of their hands and you’ll have to work it out with the supplier of said merchandise. 

Which brings me to ToyWiz. 

My wife was looking on the Walmart website for Tracker, a Paw Patrol dog and his vehicle that we had found while on vacation. Her mom wanted to buy one for my wife’s nephew like the one we had bought our 2 year old. Local stores didn’t have them. They retail for $15 at Toys R Us and such, but we found one in stock at, sold through ToyBiz, and the image of the product looked like this (which is what we wanted) for $19.99.

This is Tracker and his jungle jeep. The price was a bit more, but my mother-in-law was cool with that. There was also a $8 shipping & handling fee, and said it’d take about 2 1/2 weeks to get here. 

Well, we placed our order, got my receipt, and waited. It took about a week and a half to receive it, and this is what my wife pulled out of the package. 

This is a $5 little racer that you pull back and the wheels roll the car across the floor. The dog doesn’t come out an it’s not even half the size of the product we thought we were ordering. 

My wife took the you to Walmart along with our receipt, which is where they informed us they don’t back purchases through outside merchants that sell on their website. 

My wife called the ToyBiz number. Explained this was not what we ordered. The service person did everything but call her a liar, and said that we could return it for a refund. The catch is, we have to pay shipping to return it, plus a 10% restock fee for a product we didn’t order. 

I tried looking for the item again, but the listing from ToyBiz is no longer on Walmart’s website. There is another merchant selling what we were looking for, for $45! 

Walmart really needs to rethink their policy on outside merchants. It not only makes them look bad, but it creates a somewhat confusing atmosphere for the customer.

So, watch who you’re buying from at and I highly recommend NOT buying from ToyBiz. 


One thought on “ToyWiz Purchases Through

  1. Sorry to hear about that, I try to avoid 3rd party sellers whenever possible for that very reason. Amazon is a bit more flexible if you have an issue, even with a third party seller, but still, I do try to only buy things from Amazon, or from a seller that uses Amazon to fulfill orders.

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