YoyoPoint (Flash Fans Might Get It)

1909275-wraparoundflsp1varsdccexcluWhile I’ve been on a winding road of weight loss, there is one bright spot that comes out of the yo-yo results I keep leading myself into. That one bright spot is that, even though I lose the weight, gain weight back, lose weight, gain weight back – I’m yo-yoing, but I’m still going down, ultimately. On the up-tic’s, I’m not gaining more than the last lowest yo-yo point. Taking a queue from season three of The CW’s The Flash, we’ll call this Yoyopoint!

Allow me to give an example: Say I am at 355 and lose down to 350. I may, at some point in a week, bounce up to 353, or even 355, but I’ll come back down to 350 eventually. Then I’ll drop down to 345 a week or so later. At that point, I may bounce up to 348, 349 or even 350, but then it’s like I’m hitting a ceiling and will manage it back down to 345 and start my next round. It may not be a healthy way to lose weight, I don’t know. But I am still losing it, slowly by yo-yo surely.

As long as I don’t trip myself up with the coming holiday season, I’m hoping to hit 300 by year’s end. That means, for once, I’ll be starting the New Year weighing less than I did the previous New Year! I’m excited, scared and ready to rock all at the same time.


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