Minecraft Story Mode (Xbox One)


When Minecraft Story Mode, from TellTale Games, was released, I grabbed the season pass. I think it was around $25 at the time, and there was only suppose to be 5 episodes in the adventure. Time tells different tales, of course, and we are now up to episode 8 of the series, but there’s a catch.

Episodes 1-5 are the main story, meaning that if you play through those 5 episodes – with 6 chapters each – you are getting your money’s worth. Not to mention, you’re also getting an excellent story with decent choices for your actions. I really enjoyed watching the main character, Jesse, grow (at least, the way I played him) from the Order of the Stone fanboy into the new leader of the Order of the Stone (spoilers!).

The other characters are pretty interesting toward the end, but mostly they are very flat and stick to their stereotypes, set up in the first episode. The adventure also serves to remind us that what we see of our heroes versus how they really are, can be shockingly different. As Jesse and his gang of friends bring together the original members of the Order of the Stone to try and stop the Wither Storm, they discover that their childhood heroes have very big flaws.

Minecraft Story Mode is a great addition to the TellTale Game’s library, and fans of Minecraft should definitely check it out.

As a side note, the newest episodes, 6-8, may look like part of the main adventure, but they are actually being billed as “mid-series” episodes. Meaning, they pick up after the main story arc that ends in episode 5, but aren’t necessary to play. Instead, they should be considered “add-on” content if you want to continuing playing until the 2nd series eventually comes out. I, personally, haven’t invested in these three, as they cost an additional $15 at the moment, and I’m satisfied with how the first season progressed and ended, as is.


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