Gaming Backlog Update #1

Thankfully, this is NOT my pile of shame!

I’ve started myself on a mission about two weeks ago. My goal is to eventually work through the large backlog of video games I have built up over a couple of years. This includes games I have gotten for “free” from the Xbox Live Games with Gold program, as well as titles I purchased myself and played maybe a couple of hours and moved on. I’m not putting a goal date on any of these, I’m simply taking my time and playing through them as I can.

As of this first update, I’ve completed the following two games:

  • Minecraft Storymode
  • The Wolf Among Us

These are both TellTale Games titles, which are basically interactive stories you play through. Took me a bit to play through them, as I tried to get an episode in each night I was able. While Minecraft was a pretty cool game, I have to say that The Wolf Among Us is freaking awesome. My only regret is that I waited so long to play it! Highly recommend it, but it is not for kids as it contains repeated strong language, bloody violence, and some nudity.

Next up on my list:

  • Far Cry: Primal

Do you have a gaming backlog? Movie backlog? Any plans to knock them out?


5 thoughts on “Gaming Backlog Update #1

  1. Let’s see: I have an Anime backlog, a movie backlog, a tv series backlog, a boardgame backlog, a book baglog, and a computergame backlog. So…basically I have a backlog of every hobby I like lol. There are always plans to knock them out, but is all a question of time…something I always seem to be having too little off 😀

  2. Dadgum!

    I’ve been away from Anime for awhile. I’m lucky on the tv front because there’s only about 4 shows I watch regularly.

    I wish ya the best of luck, friend. You’ve got a back, front and side log 😄

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