Took the family (The Wife, 2 year old and 12 year old) to see Dream Work’s Trolls! This is the latest musical starring those wild-haired little trolls that people use to, and maybe still do, like to collect. Starring the voices of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake as the lead trolls, the movie’s premise is that you can only be truly happy by finding it inside yourself, not in things.

The movie starts with a flashback explaining the importance of trolls to ogres. Ogres believe they can only find happiness by eating trolls once a year during a celebration they call Trollstice.

Flash forward 20 years, the trolls have been living in peace, love, and harmony. All except one, however, Branch (played by Timberlake). Branch has experienced a traumatic even in his past that is explained near the end of the movie, but it has left him bitter and caused him to loose his color. He now hordes supplies and fears the ogres will find them again.

The troll’s princess, Poppy, encourages her people to party on, party hard, and party loud. So loud, in fact, that they’re eventually discovered once again by the ogres. This leads to our story’s adventure as Poppy and Branch set out to free their friends, learn more about ogres, and find that true happiness comes from within.

We all loved the movie, and while the 2 year old is great in animated movies, he did get a bit restless toward the last 10-15 minutes. I chalk that up to being tired, though. Very cute movie with lots of musical numbers of popular songs you will definately recognize, leading up to the big number at the end with the new tune that’s been playing on pop radio by Justin Timberlake.


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