Sony SRS-XB2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Purchased the Sony SRS-XB2 Bluetooth speaker from Best Buy for $69. I bought it for my wife to connect with her Amazon Echo Dot, or Amazon Music Unlimited from her phone, depending on which she feels like using. The item has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the retail site, and reviews I looked at elsewhere where praising it.

My personal use of it the last couple of days is that I got my money’s worth, and then some. However, the bass can be overwhelming if you turn on the Bass Boost, so I make sure to keep that off. Also, maybe it’s because I have it placed on a wooden nightstand, but the music sounds kind of washed out, or restrained. Like I’m listening to it from behind a wall or something. It is loud and clear, but it just lacks that “oomph” and seems to focus strictly on bringing the boom with the bass.

It is bluetooth, but it also features NFC, so you just have to touch your NFC enabled phone to it to connect the two devices. It’s splash proof, portable (with a proclaimed 12-hour battery life, which I haven’t tested), and has a built-in mic, so you can carry on phone conversations via the speaker, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

It serves its purpose and connects seamlessly with my phone (Galaxy S7 edge), my wife’s phone (iPhone 7 Plus), and the Amazon Echo Dot, all via bluetooth.

If you’re looking for a loud, bass-bumping wireless speaker to add music through your house, this isn’t a bad buy. Definitely shop around on the price, though, because regular price at Amazon is still $99, despite other sites selling it for less.


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