Lego Dimensions Still Fun!

This last weekend was full of Lego Dimension fun. I used a few remaining Best Buy Gift Cards, a Gamestop Gift Card, and $6 of my own money, to pick up several packs for the Lego Dimensions game on Xbox One. This game is still awesome, in my humble opinion, and as a Lego loving individual. Their latest addition to the Lego Dimensions universe are Story Packs. These are billed as complete games on their own and seem to run between $40-50 depending on where you pick them up. I grabbed the Ghostbusters story pack for the 2016 movie. The story packs also come with a replacement for the main creation on the base. Instead of the gateway that comes with the starter pack, for example, the Ghostbusters story pack comes with a replacement that features the Chinese restaurant that serves as the Ghostbuster’s base.

If you’re like me, though, you might have difficulty in finding storage space for these figures and vehicles. I finally had to break down and go searching for something. I wanted instant gratification, so I headed out on the town and visited a local craft store. Found immediately what I wanted, which was a 46-compartment, double sided container. Each side holds 23 items, and the only close calls are the vehicles, which I had to remove the bases on most of them. No problem for me, but some might find that annoying.

Here’s my storage solution:


If you really wanted to take advantage of this particular case, I could probably double up the mini-figs. The vehicles are already too tight a squeeze, and there were two that wouldn’t fit at all. Those two were the Jurassic World bubble vehicle, and a Ninjago dragon pet.

Lego Dimensions is my favorite¬†toys to life game so far, and that’s even above Disney Infinity (which was discontinued by Disney for some odd reason). And I really like Infinity, just didn’t have much time to play when we first bought it. If you love the Tell Tale Lego series of games, you gotta pick this up. Not only is it a fun video game, but it’s a fun collectible hobby as well.


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