Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack


I recently used up some left over Best Buy gift cards and bought a bunch of Lego Dimensions fun packs, level packs, and story packs. One of the story packs I picked up happened to be for the 2016 reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise – you know, the not very good one. Yeah, that one.

I watched the movie a few weeks ago, for free, on Xfinity’s On Demand service, and while it had a few funny moments, it was mostly just an awkward, jumbled mess. It was amazing mild considering the women who were starring in it and their raunchier work, such as Bridesmaids, also by the same director. It was, overall, a forgettable experience, and not one I’d purposely set out to watch again.
Enter the Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack. Six complete levels, and an open world, that adds on to your basic starter pack of Lego Dimension figures. As with most Lego video games lately, they have taken to using dialogue lifted directly from the movies they’re based on. Ghostbusters is no different, though some of the voices do sound a bit off, but the lines are pretty much straight from the movie. What the Lego games do best, of course, is add to the material you have already seen in order to expand on their level designs and add a bit more action to the gameplay.
The Ghostbusters Story Pack is … and I’ll just go ahead and say it now … 10-times better than the film it’s based on. If you were torn between watching the live action film, or buying this game, I’d recommend you go ahead and skip the film and just play the Lego version of it. It’s that much better than the film, in my humble internet opinion.
I only have $29 for my box, which included the Abby Yates mini-fig, the jalopy Ecto mobile, a base build of the Chinese restaurant headquarters that replaces the Vorton build all starter packs come with, and of course the 6 levels and open world of the game you actually play through. It retails for $49, the price of a full game, and I feel you get your money’s worth – even paying the $49.
Excellent addition to the Lego Dimensions line, which I’m currently addicted to.


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