If you aren’t familiar with Gantz, let me say right now that this is pretty tame to the Manga I originally read many years ago. Given to me by a friend, I was not fully prepared for what lay between the covers. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss. Just know that, going into Gantz:0, you’re getting a much calmer version than you would in the Manga.

Gantz:0 is a CG movie. Using motion capture, animation, etc, they have a beautiful film right here. It’s darn near breathtaking at how realistic the characters look most of the time. The monsters/aliens are right out of a nightmare. Good stuff to look at on a giant theater screen, I bet. But even on the 50″ television in my living room, the movie was just down right awesome to look at.

The characters are from the novels/manga, what have you. I’m not a huge follower or fan, I just have that one brief moment in time of a particular storyline a friend had given to me. That said, the main hero in the manga’s, from what I can tell, dies in the first 10 minutes of this movie. Gantz:0 follows one of the manga storylines known as the “Osaka arc.” Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what that is originally. All I can tell you is this:

Gantz:0 is beautiful to watch, the CG is near flawless, the characters are realistic, and the story is not to darn bad. I really enjoyed this film, having limited knowledge of what Gantz is and what was going on. There are some edge of your seat moments, it’s extremely graphic in violence, and there is a scene involving female nudity (breasts) in which a … well … I won’t ruin it, that’s just part of the amazing art that this film is.

Gantz:0 is well worth a watch, and can currently be found on Netflix, if you have that service. The story is interesting, the movie held my attention the entire run time, and the whole experience was enjoyable.


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