Diablo 3 / Season 11 Update

d3 s11 witch doctor

I started playing Season 11 of Diablo 3 over the last weekend, and as of Sunday night, I hit level 70. Monday night/Tuesday morning, I’ve reached Chapter 4 of the seasonal journey and Paragon level 20. I’ve received 4 pieces of the seasonal gear set, with the last 2 pieces, as well as the Season 11 portrait frame and pet coming if I can complete the tasks presented in Chapter 4.

If none of this makes since, then I’m sorry that you’ve never had the satisfaction of playing Diablo 3! While I assume most people probably launched into the season with the newly released Necromancer, I used the Rebirth option and took my old Witch Doctor into the Season as fresh as a newborn baby. That is his stats in the image at top, and for the record, the 74 hours and 50 minutes that show as his play time is the accumulative hours since I created him a couple of years ago.

I’ve played half way through a couple of seasons several years ago, but never felt the urge to complete one. Last season, though, I settled in and played all the way through with a Demon Hunter, and I had a blast! Each seasonal character starts fresh, at level one, with no gear, experience or gold. You go in as if you had just loaded up the game for the first time. There are a series of 10 tasks per chapter (there are 4 chapters) that you must complete in any order to progress and earn the rewards that are set forth at the beginning of the season. You can only earn these rewards on one character per season, yet you may run as many characters as you’d like through the seasonal journey – but only one will walk away with the prizes, which are usually a 6 piece armor set, a portrait frame and a cosmetic pet.

If you want to use a pre-existing character that you’ve already learned and played with, you can select Rebirth at the seasonal screen. No matter the level, gear, or money of this character, it will start back at level 1 empty handed. Fear not, though, all that gear, levels and gold will be waiting for you once the season is over. See, at the end of each season, the character you created/Rebirthed,  will be added back to your regular roster of characters, along with any money and items you’ve accumulated.

It really is fun! I know it may not sound like it, but Blizzard knows how to keep people coming back to the well for their games, and Seasons in Diablo 3 is no different. Even better, I hear they’ve added Seasons to the console versions, as well. Everyone can enjoy the gear grind no matter their platform (except mobile, of course. Sorry, folks.)

I’m hoping to complete Chapter 4’s quests by the end of the week, time permitting, and collect my final rewards. If I can, this will be my 2nd season completed, and I can’t wait for Season 12, already.


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