About the Blog & Author

The Blog

MyChemicalFawn is a personal blog that reserves the right to discuss anything and everything that crosses the mind of its sole author. It is by no means a professional blog, nor is it regularly maintained. Posts may come in fast paced succession or there may be days/weeks between the last most and the most current. It all depends on the RL situations that arise in the blog author’s personal life.

Among the topics normally covered, you can expect wandering commentary on video games, movies, books and other entertainment and pop culture happenings. There will be a sprinkling of amateur creative writing, a sharing of podcast playlists and more.

*Trivial Fact: The name MyChemicalFawn came from the old MSN Games channel. You use to be required to create a handle or gamertag to log in and play the games so your scores could be recorded. MyChemicalFawn was a randomly generated user name created for me by the site. It was originally going to be my first attempt at creating a single online identity, however it lost out after I fell off the gaming bandwagon for awhile when my Xbox 360 experienced the RRoD. *


The Author

James a.k.a. Insomnia176, the author of this blog is married, has two fantastic children, and is a geek at heart. His love of technology, video games, books and collectibles clashes fiercely with his always empty wallet. He is a fairly new home owner and also a user of Apple related products. (Coincidence? I think not!) Religion and politics will rarely ever be discussed here because, honestly, can’t we all just get along?

Chemical Fawn: Come for the poorly written articles, stay for … well … thanks for stopping by.


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