Dignity, Shmignity

The inevitable has finally happened. I’m officially starting to fall into the “old man” category. I’ve been scheduled for my first colonoscopy. They knock me out and do unthinkable things while running a camera up my butt, and no one but those in the room at the time will ever know about it. I’m also having a camera ran down my throat in search of damage and/or cancerous patches caused by years of dealing with acid reflux.

On a more positive note, tomorrow I begin yet another attempt at weight loss. Won’t go on a long rant about will power or failures. Instead, I’ll just ask for good thoughts, prayers, and some sensational vibes to be sent my way.

Peace, out.


Scared Straight … ?

After a quick visit to the ER last Wednesday evening, I came to the conclusion that all my failed attempts in the past need to be quickly turned into small successes. The attempts I’m referring to, of course, are the ones to be – even if just slightly – healthier. I went into the emergency room thinking my hernia may have ruptured, but soon came out with three other conditions I need to correct and/or have followed up. A kidney infection, kidney stones, and something called diverticulosis.  To add a footnote to this tidbit of health info, let me say that today, at 3pm, I’ll be going to my family doctor for a follow-up to see what he needs to fuss at me about.

In the meantime, I have started slowly changing my diet (of course, regular readers of this blog will know I use the word “diet” in the loosest sense of the word). I’ve slowly incorporated salads into at least one meal a day, slacked off my bread intake, and trying to limit my dairy to just a couple slices of cheese in my eggs, and a small yogurt cup per day. I’ve increased my water drinking, slowed down my sweet tea drinking, and I’m proud to say I’m still off the sodas. Would it be considered ironic that I stop drinking carbonated beverages nearly 6-7 months ago, and suddenly start having issues with my first ever kidney stones?

I won’t say much else until I visit my doctor today, listen to what suggestions he makes, and decide if I need to schedule further visits with the specialists the ER doctor recommended. Until then, consider this my comeback from a brief retirement. I’ll also leave you with this life update: I’m still working 2 jobs, and the schedule for both is finally becoming somewhat manageable. My primary job is still slow, and each day I worry, will be my last as I walk in. No solid time for family interactions, but I’m trying to work in as much as possible.

Take care, see you this weekend! 🙂

Currently Reading: Between Heaven & Hollywood by David A. R. White

Followed up Terry Crews with this, and they are two totally different voices. I’m over 75% through it, based on Kindle’s calculations. White’s book, so far, is not exactly what I expected. It’s more of a “self help” book peppered with his experiences throughout his life on a farm, struggling in Hollywood, meeting his wife and starting a business. I’m actually a bit disappointed because he had the opportunity to speak to so many more people by sharing his struggles, but all he really focuses on is how hard he had it trying to become an actor. He quickly glosses over his true spiritual struggles and brushes them aside as if they were nothing.


Currently Reading: Manhood (How to Be a Better Man, or Just Live with One) by Terry Crews

David Johnson, from True Family Men Podcast, on a recent episode of his podcast, suggested listening to an interview with Terry Crews he had heard on the Tim Farriss Podcast. That lead me to buying this book, a memoir, of sorts, of Crews’ life and how he became the man he is today. Very fun, easy, and interesting read on Crews and the troubles he had in his youth, with no real male role models, to building his own future as he continued to ask himself, “what makes you a man?”


Philips Norelco OneBlade

I learned about the Philips Norelco OneBlade through The Pie Whisperer, a.k.a. Kyle Jones, host of the Slice of Pie Podcast. Each week he has a “What I’m Liking” section at the beginning of his show, and the OneBlade was his first promotion. I’ve always been picky


about my electric razors, never finding one that satisfies me with its cut. I’ve been through all the various styles of electric trimmers, but what I usually fall back on is my Wahl trimmers for the thicker sections of facial hair, and then clean up with shaving cream and a Bic double blade razor. One too many steps for my liking. I don’t enjoy standing around shaving, I just want to get in there, get it done and move on.

Enter Kyle’s suggestion of the OneBlade. I ordered it online at Target during their Black Friday deals and picked it up for $17. Note that there is also a “pro” version that costs significantly more, but the OneBlade by itself runs a regular $30, I believe. For $17, I figured I couldn’t go wrong, and thankfully, I haven’t! I enjoy the ease of the OneBlade, which shaves nicely, and closer than any other electric blade I’ve used in my 41 years of life. I’m also bit of a nitpicker, so I shave in multiple directions, and the OneBlade still makes quick, easy work without the mess of shaving cream, or a big bulky shaver.

They say the OneBlade will go about 4 months, I believe, with an average of 2 shaves a week, before having to change out the blade. I’ve had mine since November and have only had to charge it once, since the initial charge at opening. It also trims through thicker stubble, but I rarely let mine get thick enough to really matter, mainly because my facial hair grows so slow, it takes a good week or two for me to even develop a noticeable stubble.

The only downside I’d give this razor is that it has no means of capturing your hair. As you shave, it just falls to the countertop, or in the sink. I usually lay a towel down to collect all the stray hairs. Or, if I’m feeling extra grumpy, I’ll just let it scatter to the four winds and listen to my wife complain about it later!

So, if you’re a guy who just wants a quick, easy shave, I recommend the Philips Norelco OneBlade. I think it’s even worth the full price of $30, if you are willing to give it a try. If you can find it cheaper, even better!