Currently Reading: The Resolution for Men, by Alex & Stephen Kendrick & Randy Alcorn

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Inspired by the faith-based film Courageous, The Resolution for Men, by Alex & Stephen Kendrick and Randy Alcorn.


Book Report: Revival, by Stephen King

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I’m classifying this as a Book Report, for sake of the blog categorization. What follows, however, won’t be one of my typical book report blog posts. No huge spoilers here, nothing you won’t read anywhere else if browsing the book section and coming across Revival. But, having read it and finished it (I know, habit forces me to keep typing read, when, in fact, I listened to it via Audible,) I felt I had to say something – anything. So, here’s the review I left on my Goodread’s page concerning Revival, by Stephen King.


Revival has many meanings with this particular book, as another reviewer pointed out. Not just the multiple meanings within the narration itself, but also a revival of Stephen King’s classic writing style. This is Classic King at work, make no mistake about it. There’s also an ode to H.P. Lovecraft, beneath the surface.

Starting with our protagonist, Jamie Morton, at just 6 years old, we follow his entire life through his eyes only. A tight first person tale in which he observes events through his young adolescent eyes, then through teenage years of love and lust, through a drug-addled point as a young man, and finally up to his elderly days. All the while, wrapped around his life, he has fateful encounters with Pastor Jacobs. A man of God who slowly suffers his own tragedies. Through Jamie’s eyes, over the course of years, we weave in and out of Jacob’s life as well, watching the man change, his ultimate goals building to an finale that will bring Jamie and Jacobs together one last time.

King is back, pumping all all cylinders, and this book will take your hand and calmly take you along for the ride. Up to a point. Then you’ll notice things start to get a little odd, but you continue to hold on to the hand. Then things begin to get a little freaky, and the meetings between Jamie and the Pastor take on new meanings. So you release the hand but keep walking along because you’re invested. But by the time you reach the end, when things have crossed the line into out right King territory, you’re ready to drop everything and run kicking and screaming for the door.

Revival is King’s way of tackling the age old question of just what lies on the other side of death. And somethings maybe just shouldn’t be answered, especially in the world of Stephen King. And this is Stephen King’s world, right down to Jerusalem’s Lot just right down the road in Maine, and mentions of Derry, and even of Joyland. You’re in the epicenter of King territory, horrific and brutal and wonderful all at the same time.

Currently Listening: Revival, by Stephen King

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Yes, that blog title does say Listening. I signed up for a free month of Audible through Amazon. I’ve heard non-fiction is actually the best titles to listen to, but I thought I’d give Revival a try since I’ve been wanting to pick up the novel. So, as of tonight, I’ve started King’s Revival tale, as read by David Morse.


Currently Reading: Yesterday’s Gone, Season One by Sean Platt

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Getting into the Kindle Unlimited library and found this. Looks decent, has good reviews and I’m curious to see where it takes me!


The Library Police, Episode #172: Serialization

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Spending my Saturday evening doing some cleaning and listening to the latest episode of The Library Police. Another excellent episode in the books by a couple of local guys. Check them out, if you haven’t already, especially if you’re into the literary scene. You can also visit their website ( to read reviews and access more podcast goodness.