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Cave of the Shadow Dragon

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My oldest son just turned 11.

You know, it’s weird having to correct myself each time I go to talk about my (oldest) son. I always start out typing, “My son …” and I stop, catching myself. Well, which one am I talking about? I have two now! The Oldest and the Youngest. I feel I need to specify now, each and every time. Sos …

My oldest son just turned 11 this passed week. He is following in my footsteps as far as his interests and hobbies go, much to his mother’s chagrin. Well, it’s not that bad, she’s happy to have a nerd as a son, but she’d much rather have a more athletic child she could cheer on in sporting events. She doesn’t give us a hard time, though, because she wants our son to be happy of course! But I digress …

At 11 years old, he’s already talked me into putting out “Let’s Play” videos of Minecraft. Something I enjoy doing, but never would have thought to do on my own. He encouraged me to start podcasting, discussing things such as books and movies and events – something I love, again, but never would have thought of doing. On his own, he’s into creating little animation shorts using a program he discovered online and asked me to download. Now, he’s into creating these animated shorts and wants them posted to Youtube. He loves Lego’s, building them and showing them off in all their glory. He just enjoys things that I enjoy, but he has the courage to step up to the next level and put them out there into a wider community.

So, in celebration of his 11th birthday, we created a blog together. No, not this one, but one over on We’re co-contributors and it will be dedicated to mainly showcasing his animations, Lego builds, game play videos we might do in the near future, and anything else either one of us might want to share that we’ve done together. In other words, it’s our father/son blog to do cool fun stuff on.

So, if you’re at all interested, you can find the link below. Keep in mind, we’re just getting started, so there isn’t much – if any real – content on the blog, yet. But stay tuned in the coming days/weeks as we grow it steadily. I’ll be cross posting some things between here and there to promote his site, so humor me, if nothing else :)

Cave of the Shadow Dragon (Insomnia176 & ShadowDragon04’s Blog)

Struggles of Having A Fitbit

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The following site,, posted this article concerning Fitbit ownership. Having owned a Fitbit for close to 2 years, I can attest to all of these, and then some! Follow the link to the full article :)

From – 19 Very Real And Emotional Struggles of Having A Fitbit (Or Does Your Fitbit Have You?)

The Wheel of Time, #1: The Eye of the World (BOOK REVIEW)

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Bless you, sir. I tried to read this book and just couldn’t do it. I may pick it up and try again one day, but not right now. Heck, it took me three tries to get started on The Dark Tower series, so maybe The Wheel of Time isn’t too far out of my reach.

Originally posted on Geekritique:

With the Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan set out to do something truly epic. Although he set out to write a six-book series, he would eventually write 11 books and a prequel before he passed away, with another author finishing the series’ last 3 installments. At the time of it’s arrival the series was extremely popular, becoming the second most successful fantasy series after Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Now nearly 25 years later, after an onslaught of brilliant fantasy literature that constantly evolves, builds upon itself, with strong deviations from clichés and stereotypes, the first work of Robert Jordan’s long-winded series struggles to keep up.

The first and most egregious err on Jordan’s behalf was his attempt to try and fix Tolkien. He attempted to beef it up with more factions, with more realistic scenarios. But the parallels between the Wheel of Time and the Lord of…

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Longing for the good ‘ole days…

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Originally posted on World of Ares:

I am a pretty tech-savvy guy. I stay up to date on the newest gadgets, I work in the IT industry, and usually, my days revolve around something electronic. Sometimes though, I long for the good ole days of yesterday. I feel on some days, that with all of the technological advances we have made, we’ve taken a few steps back as a people.

Most families are connected. By connected I mean, connected to the internet. In a typical family, you may have the father watching tv on the big screen, the mother will be reading something on her tablet or e-reader. the daughter will be texting away on her phone, and the son will be gaming on his handheld device. Everyone is in the same room, yet no-one is talking to each other or communicating or doing family activities. It’s like our technology has created a wall between us.

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Tips on Creating a Successful Online Gaming Community

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There was a brief moment in time when I had the bright idea to start an online gaming community of like-minded people. This wasn’t a well thought out plan, mind you, or a simple one as I came to find out. Building a good, strong community of people who are willing to participate and support one another is near impossible if you aren’t willing to put in the effort. Aside from that, if the people you are looking to as a community aren’t willing to join in conversations or events, that adds to the difficulty. So what are the things one should be focusing on to make a community work?

Below are three sites I’ve stumbled across that give some pretty decent ideas for anyone wanting to get a social group up and going.

1. Top 10 Tips on Creating a Successful Online Community (from

2. Build a Popular Gaming Community in 5 Steps (from

3. 3 Ways to Grow a Successful Game Community (from