Decaffeinated Review Taco


If you get tired of hearing me drone on about everyday life, but still find a bit of humor (or even some enjoyment) out of reading my zany reviews of various media, might I recommend Decaffeinated Review Taco. This is a Tumblr page where I post nothing but my reviews of movies, books, tv shows, and video games.

I copy post the same reviews here, but if you just want the bare bones, quick and dirty reviews, feel free to head over there instead. No hard feelings, we’ll call it square. Just business.

Decaffeinated Review Taco on Tumblr

Man Spends 5 Years Building Castle in Minecraft

This is an awesome build that my little castle doesn’t even compare to. danrharvey even went as far as to create his own custom resource pack! Beautifully done! I wish I was as creative and had enough time to even plan out something like this.

Check out his pictures and details on the link below.

imgur: My 5-year personal build

Frankenstein’s Monster Would Have Wiped Out Mankind Within 4,000 Years


Researchers at Dartmouth College have come up with a mathematical model to test a theory on what would have happened if Frankenstein’s Monster had been allowed to roam free and breed. Long story short, the monster and his offspring would have eventually wiped out mankind within 4,000 years. Read the full article at the link that follows!

The Telegraph: Frankenstein’s monster would have wiped out mankind within 4,000 years, study finds

The Death of Christianity by Adam4d

A comic created by about the concern for the “Death of Christianity in America.” It’s an on-point take of how things are perceived versus what is.

Visit the “curiously Christian webcomic” and enjoy the messages that can be found there in comic form.



20 Sci-Fi Story Ideas (Link)

I stumbled across this blog post that offers a nice selection of potential science fiction story ideas. There are several good ones in there, and one in particular stood out to me. Check them all out by following the link below, and I’ll post my favorite right under it.

20 Sci-Fi Story Ideas (from The Write Practice)

My personal favorite:

12. Ten years from now, scientists figure out how to stop human aging and extend life indefinitely—but every time someone qualifies for that boost, someone else has to die to keep the surplus population in check. Oh, it’s all very humane; one’s descendants get a huge paycheck. Write from the perspective of someone who just got a letter in the mail saying they’re the one who has to die.