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Tips on Creating a Successful Online Gaming Community

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There was a brief moment in time when I had the bright idea to start an online gaming community of like-minded people. This wasn’t a well thought out plan, mind you, or a simple one as I came to find out. Building a good, strong community of people who are willing to participate and support one another is near impossible if you aren’t willing to put in the effort. Aside from that, if the people you are looking to as a community aren’t willing to join in conversations or events, that adds to the difficulty. So what are the things one should be focusing on to make a community work?

Below are three sites I’ve stumbled across that give some pretty decent ideas for anyone wanting to get a social group up and going.

1. Top 10 Tips on Creating a Successful Online Community (from

2. Build a Popular Gaming Community in 5 Steps (from

3. 3 Ways to Grow a Successful Game Community (from

I’m Finally a Fantasy Writer!! (sort of)

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Originally posted on Geekritique:

Actually not really. Not truly. Not yet.

One of the reasons I love to blog so much is that it helps me practice my writing, in short feverish bursts. And along with the fact that I’ve been slowly testing the field by reviewing and rating other literary works, I have a far better grasp on what I wish to write. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own little fantasy world I could fall into, one I could shape for better or worse.

And now that’s finally coming to fruition. Last month I started another blog, Tales from Atelinor, to showcase my writing – writing that specifically takes place in my fantasy world. I’ve actually been forming the world in my head for several years now, and although the main tale I wish to tell in novel form isn’t ready to be shared, I would like…

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Happy One-Year Anniversary to Geekritique!

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Happy Anniversary, Geekritique. Keep up the awesome work.

Originally posted on Geekritique:

I want to thank all of my followers, commenters, and likers here on WordPress for being with me over the course of the year, helping me adapt, shape, and grow Geekritique into the blog it is today. A year ago, on February 12, 2014, I posted my first entry, a review of the short Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King. A year later, and my favorite posts are still my reviews.

Of course, the way I review things has changed somewhat. I began with a ten-point rating system. But that became a tad limited for me, so I chose to change that on May 13th. Since then it’s been a hundred-point rating system, in a sense making it a percentile appreciation scale.

My top posts, for better or worse, are mostly not reviews, but here they are:1. The Top 20 Most Anticipated Anime of Summer 2014

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Clean eating

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Originally posted on Floordeboor:

So what is this ‘clean eating’ everybody is talking about? It certainly isn’t cleaning your food really well before eating lol! But I’ve found so many definitions and ‘rules’ for clean eating, it kind of gets a forest of information out there and you’ll not know what to follow. In no way I say my own vision is the right or correct one, I’m just going to say something about how I envision clean eating (aka just healthy eating in general).

Paleo-vs-Clean-EatingWhen  you look up clean eating on the internet, you’ll find a lot of lists of food to avoid, or even worse, food that’s forbidden. You’ll find a 30 day clean eating cleanse or the ‘whole 30′, which is practically the same to me, or the Paleo diet. Personally, I believe in moderation. Yes, of course, I would love to be able to eat clean 100% of the time, but…

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Can We Be Beautiful?

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Originally posted on The Ninth Life:

glass 2CHANGE! It begins with each of us making a conscious decision to not make the same mistakes we made yesterday.

Change continues when we realize that although each of our physical lives are different: we all have a voice that matters, we all have a life story that is so important, and we all serve a God that is just!

Change spreads with the decision of holding hands to pray instead of holding guns to riot. It’s the choice of standing in line at the precinct to vote instead of standing in line at Wal-Mart to complain. It’s the amazing ability to pause, look ahead into our future, and see the end result of our action before it actually happens.

We as a nation have the freedom to pray, the right to vote, the power to love, the strength to forgive, and the choice to make a positive difference…

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