Polyphasic sleep, blah, blah, blah …

I survived.

It was rough, but I survived.

I’m not sure if you could call what I did polyphasic sleeping, but it is what it is. All I know is by the end of the week, my body hurt like a sum-buck.

On the plus (negative?) side, I’m now walking up earlier much easier. Even on my days off. It also helps with your hunger because, honestly, I’m too tired to be hungry.

Sorry for the short update, but my phone is about to die and I wanted to get something out. More to come if I survive.


Polyphasic sleep

Polyphasic sleep is a term I learned today! Why am I looking up terms such as this? Well, to make a long story short, I’ll tell you that the job I’ve been at for 16 years is about to go under. Due to seeing the signs early, I got a 2nd job last year, around this same time, and have managed to maintain it! To do so, though, I’ve had to make lifestyle adjustments, such as sleep patterns, eating patterns, socializing patterns.

Last Wednesday, my full time boss told everyone that if they found another job, to go ahead and take it, not to hesitate. Basically, he said we were working on a day-to-day basis. My 2nd job bosses jumped at this because they’ve been wanting me to go full time there. I know, right? What a horrible “problem” to have! So I told them I’d be willing to work full 8 hour shifts if they were available. Sure enough, that was 2 days ago. They just called me tonight and told me to suit up, I start my 8 hour days in the morning. So my new schedule, until either my 1st job goes under, or I collapse, will be:

5:20am – wake up, get dressed, leave for work.

6:00am to 2:30pm – 2nd job.

3:00pm to 12:00am – 1st job.

12:01am to 1:00am – drive home, clean up, go to bed.

1:01am – 5:20am – sleep.

How long can I keep it up? No idea. I figure I may collapse from a heart attack before I adjust properly, but that is what lead me to the phrase polyphasic sleep. That is the term people who sleep an abnormally short period of time per day use to describe their schedule. I already sleep about 5 hours a day, so I figure what’s knocking one hour off of that going to hurt. Right?

As long as my nervous and circulatory systems can adjust, I think I’ll be ok after the adjustment period, which is supposedly around 2 weeks. On the bright side, if my 1st job doesn’t fall through immediately, that extra $$$ will certainly come in handy from working 80 hours a week.

Prayers appreciated! 🙂

13 years flashed before my eyes

This morning, our oldest son and I got up and went for breakfast. We do this on occasion, but it has been awhile, and with school starting up next week, I thought it was time. While we were siting down to eat after making our way around the Shoney’s breakfast buffet, I found myself a little sad. 13 years flashed before my eyes as we ate, and I realized that there was so much wasted time that I took for granted. Our oldest boy has always been home schooled. He’s always been there, helping out around the house or ready to go when we needed to go. He was home when I left for work, he was home when I returned. But now … in just a matter of days … our paths will seldom cross during the week.

Even if I wasn’t working a 2nd job, I still wouldn’t see him but for a minute or two. He will be gone all day, and even when he gets home, I’ll be going off to my full time job. When I get home, he will be asleep. On Saturdays, I work morning to afternoon, so we’ll have that evening, and most of the day Sundays, but still … I’ve always read those meme’s on Facebook that tell you not to work your life away, or to take for granted the moments we’re given … but evidently I didn’t listen.

I’m excited for our son to be starting this new adventure. He will be going into 9th grade at a private Christian school. He’s as prepared as we could make him, and I know there is a little part of him – behind the nervousness – that is excited to be leaving home to make new friends and new experiences. I just hope we’ve done enough. And, of course, I’m selfish and don’t want him to go at all.


It’s Not a Resolution

Sipping on my nightly mug of chamomile honey vanilla hot tea, I’m thinking of what lies ahead for 2018. I’m hoping to spend more time with my kids, doing things they want to do together and having fun quality time. I’m hoping to spend more time with my wife, treating her to nights out and surprising her with little gifts to brighten her day. I’m hoping to continue working both my jobs for at least a short period of time, before retiring from retail for a while and focusing on some personal time as well as my full-time job for the last 16 years. Most importantly, I’m hoping to dive back into Scripture and reading my Bible, strengthening my spiritual connections. But to do all of this, there’s going to have to be some sacrifices.

Facebook is, by far, the greatest waste of time among the population these days. I spend hours upon hours each year just scrolling through pointless posts of people commenting on sports, pet peeves, reposting memes. Sure, there’s a few inspirational and informative posts on there, but they’re far and few between. I can feel my already low IQ getting lower as the page loads and I start pouring over the daily posts from “liked” pages and “friends” that I don’t have any other connection to aside from the prying eyes of Facebook. So, Facebook, I bid you farewell. I’ll still keep my account, and can be contacted via Messenger, but I won’t be scrolling your pages of lurk-worthy material each day anymore.

Much of my free time, as it is, is taken up by my second job. I’ve been working a retail job seasonally for several months now for the extra money. Before that, I was working through a temp service at a warehouse repacking various computer accessory. So, since about September of 2017, I’ve had part-time employment. Of course, by “part time,” I mean I’ve been working 40+ hours a week at my second job and 40+ hours a week at my “full time” job. The checks have been nice, but the lack of sleep has affected my health several times. My body wears out quickly each week, though my mind has sort of adjusted to the time schedule. I’m just not as young as I once was, right? So, when either my 2nd employer decides my seasonal status is up, or come May of 2018, I plan on retiring. Whichever comes first, I suppose. If possible, I might ask if I can trim my hours back, if nothing else, but I definitely can’t keep up with the additional hours – not with my goals for the new year, especially. Trimming Facebook will only take me so far, trimming 40+ additional hours of work, now that’ll free up some time.

So, without really planning to make this post about “New Year Resolutions,” I guess I’ve actually made this post about a few New Year Resolutions. If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer not to call them that. I hate “resolutions,” and I’ve attempted to break away from the generic mold of making a list only to toss it in the trash a week later. So take it for what it is. My plans for the 2018 are as I listed above. Basically, be a better man in all aspects of my family life, and trim out the time wasting “fat” of unnecessary clutter.

How will your 2018 unfold? Any plans? Any resolutions?

9 1/2 Years

I checked my archives to be sure, and my first post for this blog goes back to January of 2008. That was the year I decided to try my hand at a blog on MSN Spaces, which went down the pipes a few years later. Seeing their demise, MSN Spaces allowed users to download their blog for safe keeping, or offered to transfer it to another site, free of charge. And that’s the story of how I became a WordPress user, in a nutshell.

For 9 1/2 years I’ve written irregularly on this blog about pretty darn much everything. From reposting news stories to my rambling reviews of movies and books. I’ve posted deep thoughts that may have sounded ignorant, inexperienced or immature to others. But I shared. It was pretty darn personal, at times, and while I might have been embarrassed to share as much face-to-face, the distance between me and your monitors made all the difference.

A Jack of All Trades, Master of None could be used to describe me and my blog, I suppose. I’ve tried my hand at it all. Lately, though, I’ve fallen away from writing/blogging because I just haven’t felt the pull to do so. I take that as a sign that I’m not doing something I find interesting enough to talk about. Or maybe I’m tired of talking about the same things over and over, just as you’re surely tired of reading about them. So, I asked myself yesterday – as a matter of fact – what’s next? Do I try to revive this nearly 10 year-old blog that I’ve poured random willy-nilly tidbits of information into, or do I try my hand at something new? Nooooo, not vlogging, we all know I can’t maintain that, either. I’m just not a video person. I have a face made for radio, as the saying goes.

A new blog, perhaps. Maybe it’s time for me to imitate one of my heroes, The Doctor, and regenerate into my next form. But what is the next me? What do I really want to blog about that I feel would keep my attention for awhile longer? And what about the 9 1/2 years of baggage this blog hauls along behind it in the Archives? Hmm. I may not be a real Time Lord, but maybe I need to study up a tiny bit more before I give in and let the golden blast of reformative energy transform me.