5 Minutes #011: Heart attacks and stuff

The long un-awaited episode 11


Acquisitions Inc. The Series

If you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, and real play podcasts, and video podcasts … might I direct your attention to the new video cast of Acquisitions, Inc. The Series. From Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast, this continues the adventures of Acquisitions, Incorporated, which has been going on for 8 years in podcast form. This brings the action to life as we watch the real play of the four adventurers and Chris Perkins, the greatest DM ever.

Each episode is around 30 minutes long. Ep. 1 is the setup for the adventure. Ep. 2 is nothing but planning on how they’re going to complete their quest. Ep. 3, around the 9 minute mark, the adventure begins. Ep. 4 is some good role-play. But Ep. 5 is probably one of the best cliffhangers of podcast cliffhangers. Awesome show if you hang in there and let it build up.

Does contain strong language at times.