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If you get tired of hearing me drone on about everyday life, but still find a bit of humor (or even some enjoyment) out of reading my zany reviews of various media, might I recommend Decaffeinated Review Taco. This is a Tumblr page where I post nothing but my reviews of movies, books, tv shows, and video games.

I copy post the same reviews here, but if you just want the bare bones, quick and dirty reviews, feel free to head over there instead. No hard feelings, we’ll call it square. Just business.

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Gaming Backlog Update #1

Thankfully, this is NOT my pile of shame!

I’ve started myself on a mission about two weeks ago. My goal is to eventually work through the large backlog of video games I have built up over a couple of years. This includes games I have gotten for “free” from the Xbox Live Games with Gold program, as well as titles I purchased myself and played maybe a couple of hours and moved on. I’m not putting a goal date on any of these, I’m simply taking my time and playing through them as I can.

As of this first update, I’ve completed the following two games:

  • Minecraft Storymode
  • The Wolf Among Us

These are both TellTale Games titles, which are basically interactive stories you play through. Took me a bit to play through them, as I tried to get an episode in each night I was able. While Minecraft was a pretty cool game, I have to say that The Wolf Among Us is freaking awesome. My only regret is that I waited so long to play it! Highly recommend it, but it is not for kids as it contains repeated strong language, bloody violence, and some nudity.

Next up on my list:

  • Far Cry: Primal

Do you have a gaming backlog? Movie backlog? Any plans to knock them out?

Minecraft Story Mode (Xbox One)


When Minecraft Story Mode, from TellTale Games, was released, I grabbed the season pass. I think it was around $25 at the time, and there was only suppose to be 5 episodes in the adventure. Time tells different tales, of course, and we are now up to episode 8 of the series, but there’s a catch.

Episodes 1-5 are the main story, meaning that if you play through those 5 episodes – with 6 chapters each – you are getting your money’s worth. Not to mention, you’re also getting an excellent story with decent choices for your actions. I really enjoyed watching the main character, Jesse, grow (at least, the way I played him) from the Order of the Stone fanboy into the new leader of the Order of the Stone (spoilers!).

The other characters are pretty interesting toward the end, but mostly they are very flat and stick to their stereotypes, set up in the first episode. The adventure also serves to remind us that what we see of our heroes versus how they really are, can be shockingly different. As Jesse and his gang of friends bring together the original members of the Order of the Stone to try and stop the Wither Storm, they discover that their childhood heroes have very big flaws.

Minecraft Story Mode is a great addition to the TellTale Game’s library, and fans of Minecraft should definitely check it out.

As a side note, the newest episodes, 6-8, may look like part of the main adventure, but they are actually being billed as “mid-series” episodes. Meaning, they pick up after the main story arc that ends in episode 5, but aren’t necessary to play. Instead, they should be considered “add-on” content if you want to continuing playing until the 2nd series eventually comes out. I, personally, haven’t invested in these three, as they cost an additional $15 at the moment, and I’m satisfied with how the first season progressed and ended, as is.

Tsum Tsum


My latest addiction, if you follow my Twitter page, is the Disney/Marvel Tsum Tsum apps. For those – like me – that don’t/didn’t know what Tsum Tsum are, they’re cute plush characters created for the Disney Store in Japan and the U.S. They’re like fluffy little balls that come in different sizes, from what I can tell by what’s online. Here’s a link to a site called Tsum Tsum Central that gives you info and access to all things Tsum Tsum.

My addiction lies with the two apps available on iOS and Android. Disney/Pixar Tsum Tsum, and Marvel Tsum Tsum. The Disney Tsum Tsum app is pretty straight forward. You collect the Tsum Tsums of various Disney and Pixar characters and play a jumbled up connection game. Sort of like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, except you can drag your finger to connect all nearby characters of the same type. Say, all the Mickey’s that are touching. As long as you have three together, you’re good. You can string together as many as you are able. The Disney Tsum Tsum app is the simplest. You just play for points and to level up your characters. No real management to it.


The Marvel Tsum Tsum app is where the collection and management fun comes in! With the Marvel characters, you get to not only collect them, but they also have levels, level caps you have to manage, powers you can unlock and upgrade, power-ups via the ever present Iso-8 substance, and special character specific stages. There’s also a rock-paper-scissors style of strategy, where certain characters can trump other characters, which is where a Battle Arena comes into play. Lots of options here. You can play through regular stages, play through special stages for points to buy power-ups or gems to buy new Tsum Tsums, or go to the Battle Arena and fight other players. There is also a Friends/Co-Op mode, from what I can tell, but I haven’t played with it yet.


The only thing I’ve had difficulty with is the Disney Tsum Tsum app and the LINE account management which will save your data for transfer between devices. You only seem to be able to sign up and manage it through a completely separate app for the LINE service. I haven’t downloaded it and don’t plan to. The game will save your data locally as a Guest, but if you lose it, it’s gone for good and you have to start over.

If you’re looking for a fun, quick, cute and simple game, pick up Disney Tsum Tsum. If you want to add a bit of rpg-ish management and challenge, get the Marvel Tsum Tsum app. Personally, I recommend both!



Cover Me, I’m Going In (Again …)

Browsing Youtube the other night, I stumbled upon a commercial for the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, due at the end of this month. Blizzard does amazing cinematic animation, in case you’ve never seen any of their work. Many argue that the World of Warcraft movie should have been done by  Blizzard and made an animated feature instead of live action. But anyways, The commercial is posted below.

Beautiful, but by no means their best work, believe it or not. Either way, another video in the sidebar to this one was a recut of the commercial with a song added in during the underwater scene. Very slow rendition of Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. Very well done.

The commercial got me to thinking about what the old world of Azeroth was up to these days. It had been a little over a year since I have played the full game. Once in a while I’d load up the free starter edition that allows you to play up to level 20 with a few restrictions. But it had definitely been over a whole year since I’d delved into the full game and just enjoyed the simple questing. So, I renewed my subscription for a month. I know, I know. Here I sit with a Xbox One that I never have time to sit down and play, but I’m re-upping my membership for a mmo that is a major time stealer. I will probably not play Legion for some time, but I figure one month of WoW is enough to fill that mmo void that Neverwinter (on the Xbox One) and some of the other free mmo’s just aren’t satisfying enough to fill.

So if you’re online and playing World of Warcraft, I’m on the Stormrage server and my main toon’s name is Shavelle. Come look me up and maybe we can run a few quests together.