Got to move my buns!

When last I posted, I was excited because I was showing progress with the path I was travelling down. I was feeling pretty decent, not getting super hungry, and was losing a bit of weight according to the scale.

Cut to last week, when we (the family) were all stressed with school starting back, we had numerous home projects going at the same time, and tensions were high. My reaction was to stop walking in favor of relaxing on my lunch breaks. I ate a few meals late at night instead of stopping at my fasting cut off time. And i let stress take over my decision making process.

The result was that I gained half the weight I’d lost back.

You gotta work for it, friends. Nothing is handed to you for free. I knew this but I let my emotions dictate my actions.

To quote my dear Negan, “Back to it!” I hope to have those rediscovered pounds off by weeks end.


A week and some change in

My last post, on the 23rd of July, I proclaimed my first day in a new, still forming, plan. 9 days in, I’m ironing out a few kinks, but i seem to be doing okay. While i am not 100% sure of my full-on starting weight before my announcement, I am sure of where I started that day when I stepped on the scales. I’m pleased!

Changes I’ve made include: starting and sticking to the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting plan, walking on my 30 minute lunch breaks at night 5 days a week, only eating when I’m hungry enough to actually be and feel hungry. This last one is a big one because, use to, I’d be like, “Ok, well I’m not hungry, but I probably will be later so I better eat something.” Then I’d attack junk food, still be hungry later, eat more. Now, I don’t eat until either my stomach actually growls, or I start to feel a bit nauseous, which tells me I’m definitely hungry. I’ve also cut out the midnight snacking (16/8IF), and don’t buy junk on my breaks at either job.

I’m struggling on some of these, but happy with my results so far. I thought weekends would be the toughest, and may still prove a challenge, but right now the scales have me interested in seeing if I can make the numbers go lower.

Once more unto the breach …

Today I woke up with a new found determination that has been building over the last few days. Today I started out on “day one” of an intermittent fasting plan. It isn’t a complete plan, yet, but I am slowly developing it as each day passes.

I’m watching Youtube videos of people – both educated and amateurs – and reading blog posts and health articles. Out of all of that, I’m forming my own Frankenstein’s monster and adapting it for my own use.

Here goes nothing!

Dignity, Shmignity

The inevitable has finally happened. I’m officially starting to fall into the “old man” category. I’ve been scheduled for my first colonoscopy. They knock me out and do unthinkable things while running a camera up my butt, and no one but those in the room at the time will ever know about it. I’m also having a camera ran down my throat in search of damage and/or cancerous patches caused by years of dealing with acid reflux.

On a more positive note, tomorrow I begin yet another attempt at weight loss. Won’t go on a long rant about will power or failures. Instead, I’ll just ask for good thoughts, prayers, and some sensational vibes to be sent my way.

Peace, out.

Scared Straight … ?

After a quick visit to the ER last Wednesday evening, I came to the conclusion that all my failed attempts in the past need to be quickly turned into small successes. The attempts I’m referring to, of course, are the ones to be – even if just slightly – healthier. I went into the emergency room thinking my hernia may have ruptured, but soon came out with three other conditions I need to correct and/or have followed up. A kidney infection, kidney stones, and something called diverticulosis.  To add a footnote to this tidbit of health info, let me say that today, at 3pm, I’ll be going to my family doctor for a follow-up to see what he needs to fuss at me about.

In the meantime, I have started slowly changing my diet (of course, regular readers of this blog will know I use the word “diet” in the loosest sense of the word). I’ve slowly incorporated salads into at least one meal a day, slacked off my bread intake, and trying to limit my dairy to just a couple slices of cheese in my eggs, and a small yogurt cup per day. I’ve increased my water drinking, slowed down my sweet tea drinking, and I’m proud to say I’m still off the sodas. Would it be considered ironic that I stop drinking carbonated beverages nearly 6-7 months ago, and suddenly start having issues with my first ever kidney stones?

I won’t say much else until I visit my doctor today, listen to what suggestions he makes, and decide if I need to schedule further visits with the specialists the ER doctor recommended. Until then, consider this my comeback from a brief retirement. I’ll also leave you with this life update: I’m still working 2 jobs, and the schedule for both is finally becoming somewhat manageable. My primary job is still slow, and each day I worry, will be my last as I walk in. No solid time for family interactions, but I’m trying to work in as much as possible.

Take care, see you this weekend! 🙂