Pray for America

I was online for a total of about 5 minutes this morning before I started seeing all the hate-filled, profanity laced comments about the state of not only our nation, but the entire world. And not to let anyone slide from their wrath, these same social media masters began to blast those calling for prayer. Why even attack someone who is asking for prayer with all the other things you have to focus on? Is the world not bad enough that you still have time to lambast someone for simply requesting prayer in a time when it’s needed most? Just because you can say whatever you want without much fear on social media doesn’t mean you should because when it is nothing but negativity and profane declarations, you’re contributing to the larger problem.

Say what you will about prayer, I know its power. I’ve had it work in my own life and have seen amazing things come from it in the lives of others. God may not answer all prayers, even those that seem to come from our darkest hours may look to us as ignored, but the ending to this story is already written. There’s going to be heartache, unimaginable pain, and relentless attacks by the enemy in all shapes, forms and fashions. But in the end, Romans 14:11 (KJV) tells us: “As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”




Briefly: Dog Protects Lost 3 Year Old

I understand we aren’t suppose to judge others, but when I read stories such as this one: Family dog finds, saves missing 3-year-old in North Dakota, I begin to have a tornado of thoughts form in my little brain. Things like, 1) Why was a three year old left outside to play by himself for who knows how long. 2) Why did it take the parents so long to go check on him – they noticed something was wrong when he hadn’t come back in from playing. Hello? Hi there, your son is THREE YEARS OLD. 3) Traumatic, I’m sure, but why weren’t these parents charged with some type of endangerment. Maybe there’s something else going on here.

I know, I know, I can be a bit crazy sometimes. But seriously, if I ever thought about tossing my 3-year-old child outside to play by himself while I went back in and worked on the house, I would hope someone was sane enough to call child services on me. But maybe that’s just me being a little too over protective.

To sum this up: Thank God the family dog was smart enough to keep an eye on the child because the parents certainly weren’t.

Three Hours On A Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

I have preordered the Playstation 4, that much I’ve said. But I haven’t even watched the PS4 announcement from earlier this year until tonight. Wow, I’m blown away! These was a great presentation, fantastic experience and I wish I’d watched it live. To be fair, I’m going to check out the Xbox One presentation next, but if you haven’t seen the PS4 video yet, check it out!

Plan B!

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Sales for Plan B (Article from USA Today)

The FDA announced yesterday (Tuesday, April 30, 2012) that the “morning after” pill known as Plan B will now be available over-the-counter. The box will be placed on stores shelves by the condoms and other contraceptives. On top of this, the age limit required to buy the pills will be lowered to 15 from 17. Buyers will still have to show proof of age at the check-out.


I’ll skip over the personal feelings I have toward this product. Instead, I’ll say that, having worked in retail for 7 years, this is probably the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. First, why even have an age limit if you’re going to drop it to 15 years of age in the first place? Why not completely eliminate a required age to buy the pills? Second, do you really think people will be buying these suckers? Oh, sure, you might get one or two boxes at the register every once in awhile, but let me tell you how it works. You see, in retail over-the-counter contraceptive department, the folks (usually young ones, I’ll give you that, and occasionally some older folks) will just walk by, pick up a box, take it over to the least crowded corner of the store so they can rip the box open, stuff the contents into their pockets and walk back out without having to pay for them.

So, there again, why bother with an age limit if you’re going to sell these from the store shelves? No 15 year old is going to pay for this pill now. And as for anyone under 15 that just wants it, they’ll steal it like they do the condoms and other OTC meds they can rip open and shove into their pockets.

My faith in humanity slips a little more each day.

A Series of Random Thoughts: Conspiracy Theories, Facts, Depressing Thoughts

* I’m in a mood to ramble about some real life current events – something I don’t normally like to do because I lack the skill to properly express myself in a rational and intelligent way. But, here it is, take it for what it’s worth. My early Christmas Eve thoughts after reading the news headlines this morning. *

Too many shootings around the U.S. Or, rather, too many suddenly being brought to the front page of the news sites due to the Sandy Hook Elem. drama. This morning it was reported that firefighters, responding to a blaze, were opened fire upon – 4 wounded, 2 dead – before finally getting to the fire, which by that time had consumed three houses in New York.

The conspiracy side of my brain says this would be the perfect route for “terrorists” to take to disarm us. Ramp up the shootings across the nation to aide in the push to rid/control firearms, that way, when the average citizen is no longer packing the heat and able to defend themselves, they move in with larger forces and begin taking over.

The more disturbing theory cooked up by my brain says that there are just a bunch of idiots in the world. Specifically, there are those that think this type of gun violence is a means to an end – in other words, they don’t want to shoot anyone, but if people dying will push a bill through to take guns out of innocent folks hands, then so be it. They’ll risk themselves for the “greater good” of the world and take on the roll of a shooter just to get a point across. This may seem a bit more extreme than the idea of terrorists, but folks aren’t exactly firing on all cylinders these days, if you know what I mean.

In reality, I suppose I could consider the fact that, 1) our fine news outlets are going to bring us the most disturbing news that will depress and anger us. This is especially true if it pushes a bigger story or fuels the needs of their agenda. 2) There are disturbed, wicked individuals in our world that may come to the conclusion that this is what they are destined for. To take as many other people out before going out themselves.

Of course, there is a sicker possibility – the talk of folks wanting to “top” the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. I understand that this wasn’t exactly an elementary school that someone walked in to, but the story of firefighters responding to a fire – the fire spreading due to gunfire, firefighters being wounded and killed while the fire rages out of control – I can see this as being a scene of someone trying to create an even larger drama than what we witnessed a couple of Fridays ago. I mean, some sicko is sitting around thinking, “Yeah, 20 kids were shot multiple times, point blank … a couple teachers … but there was no real property damage. What could I do? Make it bigger … set a real fire under the media – yeah, fire! Firemen rushing in to hose down a fire, but unable to do so because a maniac is slinging bullets their way. The fire grows, the fireman are in a panic, people are running and screaming … I’ll be famous!”

No matter the rationale behind these idiots, one thing is certain in my mind. If things were ran my way, I’d do everything in my power to

Firemen at work

try and take these guys alive. I would want them alive so that they could be put on public display – televised free for the world to see, son. Are you with me? And, for example, the parents and families of the Sandy Hook children – or even the families of these two slain firefighters, would be allowed to exact their brand of justice on these folks. If you want to make an example of someone like this, if you want to give the next one something to think about, then put these slimebags on display and let everyone see them tortured for their actions. I know the whole “eye for an eye” thing gets blown out of proportion, but in our pansy-assed society of not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable or have them face any strict discipline, I think something like this – while barbaric and cruel – would certainly make some folks think twice. For the sick and twisted minds, all they really get to see is the sensational stories the media brings them. The crying families, the distraught neighbors. But you throw the perpetrator into the public spotlight, alive and kicking and screaming while he/she  is sentenced to suffer the same fates as their victims, I guarantee you’ll reform a person or two.

I suppose we could ban the guns, the automatic assault weapons, semi-automatic, regular firearms that everyday citizens keep in their homes for protection. But all that would do is take away that “average citizens” method of defending their family and home. The gun argument is a messy one because no one wants to look at the broader issues. Yes, the mental health aspect, but also the fact that you can not stop a crazy/evil/unstable person from doing what they want to do. If someone wants to shoot up a school, then they will do it no matter what kind of laws are in place. If someone wants to buy fertilizer to make bombs and blow up a federal building, they will do it, no matter the restriction put on the purchase of that product. If someone wants to take a car and start mowing down pedestrians on a busy sidewalk, no one will stop them until dozens of people have lost their lives. Taking the guns out of the law-abiding citizens hands will do nothing to curb the violent members of our society from committing crimes and killing innocents.

There is no right solution. But if we started on people when they were young, quit pampering them and treating them like they are special, unique creatures that deserve everything the world has to offer – maybe then they would grow up and have realistic expectations. The world is about feeling all warm and special, it isn’t about no one never losing because we are all winners. It’s about getting out there, working for what you have and competing to succeed. We’re raising a nation full of wusses and when something isn’t right in their pampered little mind, they retaliate. But that’s just my opinion on one of the reasons people come to this point of violence. They snap because they were never taught to handle their feelings if they moved beyond a breaking point. You can’t just snap at the least little thing in a world as harsh as ours.

Hate these words or agree with them, I don’t care. I’m one person, my words carry no weight or power. Not to retreat to a fantasy world, but by golly, if a world ever needed hero’s or a special brand of justice to stop these horrific crimes from happening, we need one now.