Podcasts Worth A Listen

The Glass Cannon Podcast – another actual play podcast based around the Pathfinder books. Hilarious, but lots of adult language.

Radically Christian Podcast – awesome discussions of topics concerning Christians and the church.

Banter Bros. Podcast – a couple of guys sitting around discussing comics, movies, games, television. Pop culture dudes sharing a chat.

True Family Men – True Family Men is a podcast designed to empower men to be better husbands and fathers. Not super long, but well worth the time to check out.

The Library Police  – a fine literary podcast hosted by Josh & Dietrich, the duo discusses in detail a main book selection each episode as well as sharing what they’re currently reading and listener emails.

Sneak Attack!: An Original D&D Adventure – another fantastic D&D adventure with a group of friends who know their stuff and have a good time doing the show.

The Adventure Zone – a podcast with the McElroy Brother’s and their dad running a D&D campaign. Funny stuff, seriously.

You Lose! Podcast – a group of guys who try to motivate and inform other gamers who are on a path of weight loss and betterment.

Voddie Baucham – SermonAudio – Mr. Baucham is a fantastic speaker and preacher of Scripture, especially on how it relates to todays world.

Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins – A clean comedian who has gotten better as he has grown. This is a series that takes place on his travel bus with fellow comedians, family and road crew.

Dungeon Delve – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast – Chris Perkins offers collected and edited adventures of the Acquisition’s Inc. gang over the years and their various interns.

The 40-Cast – the best drunken podcast around, Devious Mister Matt, Glovebox, ISkyKido and RougeSpear discuss craft beer, video games, movies, news topics and sex tips! Hilarious group to listen to (and I don’t even drink!) Happy Beer Drinking Thursday!

Conspiracy Otter

Doctrine & Devotion

Exploring My Strange Bible

the Bible Project

The Good Dad Project

The Model Health Show

Wretched Radio

Always Be Cageing – A podcast dedicated to watching and commenting on all of Nicholas Cage’s movies.


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