Fox Continues to Destroy Programming by Avoiding Good Shows

The current logo of Fox Television
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There are two tidbits of news that I just stumbled upon today, and both concern Fox television.  First, despite early word of praise based on a now never-to-be-aired pilot, Fox has decided against the television series adaption of Locke & Key, based on the awesome and popular comic/graphic novel series of the same name.  Bad move #1, Fox.

Second, they took a perfectly fine show with a stellar cast that has really come into its own, and decided to cancel it in favor of a J.J. Abrams series.  Human Target has been canceled.  I really liked this show – which, of course is why Fox canceled it.

Two shows, one felled swoop, and there you have it: Fox continues to ignore what people want and instead throw out the crap caked onto the bottom of the trash can.  Evidently they have decided to go with an all sci-fi line up as they now have Fringe, Abram’s Alcatraz and Spielberg’s Terra Nova.  I almost hope and pray that none of the new shows are good, ’cause we all know they won’t last long if they are.

Oh, and for anyone already thinking about what I’ve said above, yes I realize Fringe is hailed as a very good series.  I have yet to watch beyond the initial two episodes of the 1st season because it never peeked my interest.  I do plan on going back and watching a season or two to see how it hits me when viewing isn’t broken up into week-long waits, but I still stand by my claims of Fox catering to the crappy.