Should I Keep It, Or Upgrade It?

I believe I have mentioned my confusion with Destiny’s armor system. Level requirements versus armor stats versus bonuses, etc. But my question today is this:

Should I sacrifice a higher armor value just to keep the Discipline bonuses awarded with the lower rated armor I currently have on? Is it worth it for the grenade cool down I get on my level 9 Hunter class? Those grenades have come in pretty darn handy. But I fear I’m leveling out of the lower armor ratings I currently have while hanging on to the slim bonuses and waiting for better. I understand I’m only getting a 65 point increase, but that makes a huge difference in combat.


This Man is Awesome

I came across this story today while browsing the Yahoo! news headlines. After watching the video and seeing how calm  and collected this gentleman is, I have to give him praise. Taken from Yahoo! Health, watch the video below for the article titled, How News Anchor’s Difficult On-Air Cancer Revelation Could Help Others. You can also click on that link for the written story.

Weigh-in for 9/16/14

You can follow my fitness goals on my Fitbit profile page.

Previous weight: 350 lbs.

Current weight: 347 lbs.

A difference of 3 lbs lost

Total lost to date: 3 lbs.

I think this is a nice, simple and straight to the point choice for displaying my weekly weight loss stats. Besides, I can’t continue to talk-the-talk each week about dieting and fitness if I can’t walk-the-walk. So this is a nice easy way to present my losses and gains.


Diablo Addiction

Despite the release of Destiny (as mentioned in the previous blog post), I find myself absorbed into the world of Diablo 3. Its attraction isn’t to any sense of a deep storyline (it isn’t that deep, I suppose), or excellent voice acting (the wizard is a bit annoying, actually), or even the gorgeous graphics (they’re great, for this game type, but nothing to write home about). Instead, it’s a couple of other things that Blizzard knows its fans like. In this area, they’re kings, and they siphon the goods out like a dealer peddling drugs with Diablo 3.

One big thing they like to dish out in dime bags is the achievements. These things pop up like candy in Season play, and a few even cross over to your standard game achievements. People, for whatever psychological reason, love their achievements. Not just Diablo 3’s, mind you, but look at PS4 and Xbox with their achievement systems. Diablo 3 is chocked full of these morsels of accomplishment, having so many they break them down into category based on main storyline, character conversations, per-act achievements, etc. Just when you think all hope is lost, ding! That little achievement toast pops out of the bottom of your screen and lets you know what mighty feat you’ve just accomplished.

How much can you handle? That’s another challenge you’re given. Normal mode to easy for you? Try Hard. That not challenging enough? Well, Diablo 3 has challenges that let you continue to push your character further to see what the breaking point is. And if you gear’s up to kick butt at that level, there’s still more! Diablo 3 features a total of 11 difficulty levels, each of those allowing mobs to adjust their difficulty based on your actual level, meaning they’ll scale up based on your level alone, despite the actual difficulty you select. Of course, to encourage you to advance your level, each increase offers with it some nice bonuses for leveling your character.

diablo levels2

Above capture was taken from the Diablo 3 Wikipage.

If you like a challenge, how far up the ladder of insanity can you go? Of note, the only thing I’d throw a wrench at as far as their difficulty settings, it seems elites are ramped up the most while normal mobs have their hit points increased a bit but they throw more at you at one time. Whereas you might have originally fought 3 in Normal, you’ll fight 6 in Hard, 9 in Expert, etc.

And finally, the biggest hit of them all. The reason more people come back again and again to take a beating in this fantastic game. The reason we grind all day and all night and do Seasons and play multiple levels of difficulty time and again. The gear, man. It’s all about that crazy randomized loots. The gear that drops in this game is insane at times, humorous at others, and designed to the point where it just rolls a bunch of stats and tosses you whatever lands on top. You might get the same piece of gear but each one have completely different stats based on any number of factors. Your level comes into play on some pieces, your class, I’m sure on others. It’s all a roll of the dice and chance. What’ll you get this time? And just like the levels, the gear has tiers, which can be recognized based on their color scheme.



The goal here is to bling your character our in Legendary gear, if at all possible. These may not do the damage you expect, but they usually have an ability that will proc or some other bonus that makes up for what it lacks in another area. This is what drives people to replay the same level or the same boss over and over because there are items that only drop in certain areas or are dropped from certain boss kills. It’s insane, my friends. Insane.

There’s also the recent addition of Seasons and a ladder ranking system. The ranking itself is broken into Season, Hardcore Season, Achievements, etc. Each one ranks players based on their score in any particular area and gives them place above or below others based on that. It’s the challenge, the competition and, of course, the mad loots that drop. It all brings players back again and again to a game that has unlimited potential depending on what Blizzard wants to do with it next.