Fitbit Flex Problem/Solution

I’ve had my Fitbit Flex for nearly 6 months now and have enjoyed using it. It’s pretty darn accurate and the information I can log in my phone as well as the much more detailed website is helpful for keeping track of what I’m doing, where I’m going and how to get there. The Fitbit Flex, however, isn’t perfect. I have found myself experiencing the same issue many folks seem to be complaining about on the internet and message boards across various communities. My Fitbit won’t charge!!

First, I’ll admit that over the last 2 1/2 weeks I haven’t even used my Fitbit Flex because I’ve been sick and haven’t even exercised and certainly haven’t stayed on track with my diet. I’ve gulped sodas like they were going out of style and eaten fast food nearly every day for the simple convenience of it all. That’s a poor excuse, of course, saying it’s convenient when in reality smacking a sandwich together in your kitchen is just as easy as driving up to a speaker, placing an order, waiting 5-10 minutes to pull up to another window, accept your order, figure out it’s wrong, take it back or say to hell with it and move on.

But I digress.

At any rate, during this 2 1/2 week hiatus, my Fitbit’s battery died. Or, perhaps it simply cut itself off, if it can do that. Either way, when I picked it up today and plopped it into the charger, nothing happened. This isn’t the first time it hasn’t charged when inserted into the poorly designed charger. In fact, I’ve had two other occasions when it’s failed to charge right up. In those cases I fiddled with it until it finally connected and charged to at least four flashing lights.

Today was different, though. No amount of fiddling or resetting seemed to be helping. There just wasn’t any life in the sucker. Some one made the random suggestion that I clean the contacts on the charger and the Fitbit Flex. A cotton swab and a bit of rubbing alcohol on the tip and I gently rubbed the ends and wiped them dry. Same to the prongs inside the charger. As soon as I plugged it back in, wham-o, we had contact! The rubbing alcohol seemed to work. I suppose the thing does get dirty with our sweaty wrists so close to the contacts, but still, it seems like the charger would be a little better designed as well. The device does not sit into the cradle very well.

Regardless of their design decisions, I’ve found a – temporary? – solution to my issue with the Fitbit Flex. If you’re having similar issues, might I suggest you try cleaning the tips as I’ve described above. Good luck, fellow traveler, and be safe.

Currently Playing: Destiny Beta (PS4)

What a fun game! Bungie has shown their talent and skill again with Destiny, and this is only the beta release that we’re playing! I’ve only gotten to invest a small amount of time into the game, so far, but it’s been fun and exciting. There are still some balancing issues and the AI can easily go from challenging to questionably glitchy in some cases. But again, it’s just a beta build. I’m playing a Guardian Warlock class, currently level 4.

The website and Destiny App are nice additions to your out-of-game experience and for sharing your character information. This game is going to rock when it is finally released.


Word Crimes (“Weird Al” Yankovic)

To celebrate the release of his new album, “Mandatory Fun,” Yankovic is releasing a video a day this week. The second video he presented was “Word Crimes,” a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” I’m pretty sure I’m the guy he’s singing to, especially when it gets to talking about the blog posts.

Time to Regroup and Double-Up the Efforts

Last night I hit a tiny little bump in the road of my attempts of evolving a healthier lifestyle. I know I’m a grown man, but to hear an even older co-worker degrade you or call you names takes me by surprise sometimes. This particular incident came from a 50+ year old gentleman who is known to be very opinionated and open with his thoughts, but considering it came right out of the blue it was still a bit of a surprise.

Imagine walking along, having a decent night, everyone seems to be getting along when suddenly this older adult sees I am looking for something in our warehouse and starts laughing out loud and asks, “Whatcha looking for Shamu?” Making a reference to my weight.

Already use to this one guys personality, I didnt even bat an eyelash, despite almost the rest of our job consisting of him giggling every time he would look my way. It’s the behaviour one would expect on a grade school playground when the bully is trolling for a victim.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t break down and cry or run and hide or anything. I am still, as I started with, a grown man, but it still knocked me back a step or two considering how hard I’ve been working to better my health and lose some weight.

I am an emotional eater, but I have handled myself well today and kept my mind and food in check. Now my goal is to step back, rethink where I’m going and double up on my efforts to get there. Haters and bullies be damned, I left those people in the dust long ago. And to those that never outgrew their bad habits, I have stronger words for you. Out of respect for others and my goal to keep this blog fairly clean, I won’t type them.

To those that have been supportive, thank you very much! I do appreciate every bit of it.

Carrie – 2013 (R)


If you want to watch the modern day retelling of Stephen King’s Carrie, look no further than this movie starring Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz. They play Margaret White and Carrie White, respectively. And while Julianne Moore does deliver a very creepy and disturbed mother figure, Moretz doesn’t live up to the part. There are some scenes where she shines through as an overly sheltered girl from a strict religious upbringing under her mother’s thumb, but over all she falls kind of flat in her portrayal.

Heck, I’ll go ahead and say it: no one really stands out in this movie, and that’s a shame. It could have really been a standout remake of the classic film but it all comes down to relying on sex, profanity and special effects. All the classic scenes are there, though: bloody shower scene, pig’s blood bath that leads to all hell breaking loose and the cracking tombstone at the end.

I had high hopes when I saw this one was finally coming to On Demand,  but I doubt it will ever be one of those movies that makes me say, “Ohh, let’s watch that one again,” when I see it on the television schedule.